Dr Oonagh Duffy Glasgow Psychologist1

Online Therapy or Face to Face

The pandemic has changed how we think about therapy. For a period of time online therapy was the only safe option. Whilst some people may have felt uncomfortable with this adjustment to working, reviews have shown that therapies delivered online are as effective as those delivered face to face. Online therapy allows you the ability to access the same coping mechanisms as you would in a face to face session.

So what are the benefits of online working?

  • There is no need to wear masks or socially distance.
  • The ability to fit therapy into your day without having to travel or leave the house/ your workplace.
  • For adolescents, online therapy can mean that young people can fit this into their free periods (if school can facilitate a private space for them).
  • It allows therapy to be more accessible to people living remotely and saves time.

Ultimately what it often comes down to is individual preference, as well as what people can manage to fit into their lives. If you are committed to therapy and work collaboratively, then the mode of therapy delivery is unlikely to impact effectiveness.

Dr Oonagh Duffyl Online Therapy






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