Dr Oonagh Duffy Glasgow Psychologist1



"I  had a really valuable experience working with Oonagh on my OCD. She provided me with a diagnosis and non-judgemental language to describe the intrusive thoughts I have experienced for years. Oonagh created a safe and accepting environment for me to talk about the things that worried me. She helped me to understand the workings of OCD and gave me skills to recognise, defuse and challenge my otherwise distressing thoughts. Oonagh also showed me the value of self compassion when living with OCD and taught me techniques to cultivate this in my everyday life. I would highly recommend her counselling service for these reasons."


"Oonagh was an absolutely fantastic Clinical Psychologist. At first I was apprehensive about going to a Clinical Psychologist but after working with Oonagh I feel so much better for it that if I was asked by anyone else considering it, I would definitely say go for it. Every issue I raised, Oonagh knew how to approach it and she used different techniques for different issues, which I never would have been able to work through myself. Every time I left a session, I felt exponentially better. I can't thank Oonagh enough or recommend her more."


"I had never done therapy before and was very anxious about starting one; but by the end of therapy over multiple sessions, she has empowered me to take incremental and actionable steps towards managing negative emotions. Oonagh is very kind, patient, a keen listener and very thoughtful in her approach. At the beginning, I had no idea of what to expect and after the first few sessions, I had a clear sense of what I wanted from therapy. By the end of it, I feel like a new person - much better equipped to deal with bad days and anxieties. All credit to Oonagh - thank you very much!!"
"Oonagh provided me with a safe, supportive and compassionate space to explore thoughts which had led me to feeling depressed for a number of years. She gave me the tools to cope with my mood and taught me how to use these myself going forward. Theapy was life changing for me and Oonagh has a huge part to play in that."

Working with Oonagh has been invaluable to me. She validated everything I was going through and was incredibly supportive and this, in turn, helped me feel confident about some of the decisions and choices I was making. 

 Each session was very engaging as she provided a brilliant mix of insight, compassion and empathy, alongside practical tools and techniques I could use in my everyday life. I always left feeling energised and had a new perspective on what I was experiencing.

 Oonagh is incredibly warm, approachable and passionate and I would recommend her to anyone who is considering counselling. 


Oonagh has quite literally changed my life. I have realised more fully that whenever I am having a difficult time I can accept these feelings, treat myself with kindness whilst also holding myself accountable for how I behave with or inspite of my thoughts and feelings. This isight along with skills she has taught me has enriched my marraige and allowed me to become the father I always wanted to be. 



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